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Domestic firewood collection from public land in the Riverina region

This page outlines how firewood may be obtained for personal use from public lands in the Riverina region in 2016. It does not cover obtaining wood for sale or donation to others.

In particular, firewood may be removed only under a permit from the relevant agency and in accordance with the conditions of that permit. The permit must be on-site during collection and with the wood during transport to the destination.

Tree-felling is prohibited.

The table below provides key details for sourcing firewood.

Source Agency Timing and quantity for collection Other major provisions How to get a permit

National park/regional park

National Parks & Wildlife Service

Allowed for 1 month from date of issue Up to 6 tonnes per household per annum Up to 3 tonnes per permit Allowed April to September, unless varied

Only available to NSW Riverina residents

Only river red gum firewood may be taken, and only from designated collection areas Areas will be closed when the woody debris level reaches 45 tonnes per hectare.

In person at the Griffith or Moama NPWS office

Online via the river red gum parks management page 

By mail: get an application form from the local council office or the Griffith or Moama NPWS office

State forest

Forestry Corporation of NSW

Allowed for 10 days from nominated start date Up to 6 tonnes per household per annum Collection is permitted throughout the year

Areas may be closed when the woody debris level gets low

In person at the Dubbo Forestry Corporation office

Online from the Forestry Corporation website  

By mail: get an application form from the Dubbo Forestry NSW office

Travelling stock reserve (TSR)

Local Land Services (LLS)

Firewood collection is in general not allowed on Travelling Stock Reserves

For more information contact Riverina Local Land Services or Murray Local Land Services.

Roadside Permission from Roads and Maritime Services (which has replaced the RTA) or the local council is needed for the collection of firewood from roadsides under their management.

Where is firewood available from?

Each agency selects firewood collection areas using a range of criteria including the presence of sufficient wood to allow removal while maintaining ecological processes and cultural heritage values, adequate public access and safety, amenity for other forest users, and regulatory requirements.

The areas may be revised from time to time in response to changing circumstances such as flooding and depletion of coarse woody debris.

Other wood supplies are available, including through local wood merchants (advertised in local newspapers and the Yellow Pages) or from some public lands.

More information

Branch Director
Office of Environment & Heritage
PO Box 1020
Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone 02 6841 0900
Regional Manager

Forestry Corporation
Western Branch
Western Region
PO Box 865
Dubbo NSW 2830
Phone: 02 6841 4288

The General Manager
Murray Local Land Services
PO Box 835
Deniliquin NSW 2710
Phone: 03 58801400
The General Manager
Riverina Local Land Services
PO Box 513
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone: 02 6932 3232








Page last updated: 23 March 2017