$104,000 for threatened species research

Environment Minister Mark Speakman has today announced a $104,000 Environmental Trust grant for the Australian Museum to conduct research in relation to the Green-thighed Frog, the Peppered Frog and the Mountain Frog.

Green-thighed frog (Litoria-brevipalmata)

The museum was one of two successful Saving our Species Data-Deficient Species Research Program grant applicants.

Environment Minister Mark Speakman said the museum hoped to increase understanding of each species and develop long-term conservation strategies.

'Earlier this year we invited 12 research bodies to participate in the program, which supports in-depth research into 168 threatened species, about which we have very little information and are therefore data deficient ' Mr Speakman said.

'This project aims to better detail the taxonomy of each of these three species and identify their ecology and critical threats.'

Mr Speakman said the research project’s findings would be used to help NSW secure these threatened species in the wild.

'The aim is to collect enough information to develop conservation projects that could be implemented through the NSW Government’s $100 million Saving Our Species program.'

To see the project descriptions visit: 2015 Saving our Species Data-deficient Species Research