Bayview's Hamilton House gets Interim Heritage Order

Heritage Minister and Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes today announced an Interim Heritage Order for Hamilton House in Bayview.

Mr Stokes said the Interim Heritage Order will be valid for a maximum of 12 months, and will provide time for experts to identify and assess the property’s heritage significance.

“While the Interim Heritage Order is in place the state’s expert heritage body, the Heritage Council of NSW, will be a consent authority for the approval of development on this site,” Mr Stokes said.

“By granting the Interim Heritage Order, we are balancing development outcomes with heritage assets and ensuring the heritage values of Hamilton House are given appropriate consideration.”

Hamilton House at 3 Pindari Place, Bayview, was designed by internationally acclaimed architect Peter Muller.

Constructed in 1962, the property illustrates both Muller’s passion for Japanese architecture, and the influence on his work from iconic 20th century American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Muller himself considered this house to be one of his best residential works and one which remains faithful to the original design.

Although the importance of Hamilton House has been cited in a number of architectural publications, it is not currently afforded heritage protection since it is not included on any statutory heritage lists.

The request for an Interim Heritage Order was made by the NSW chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, the peak body for the architecture profession in Australia.

The Interim Heritage Order has been made because it is considered Hamilton House is likely to be a significant place in the history of NSW.