Winter warning: Do not collect firewood from national parks

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is reminding residents that firewood collection from National Parks around Young and Cootamundra is illegal and can attract significant fines.

Creel Lodge, detail - timber pile, Jindabyne, Kosciuszko National Park

NPWS Area Manager Steve Cathcart said several persons were charged by Police last year after been caught stealing firewood from Jindalee National Park and he warns others not to do the same this winter.

"Firewood collection is illegal in all of the region's National Parks, Reserves and State Conservation Areas," Mr Cathcart said.

"Collecting wood, including the removal of fallen trees and deadwood is not permitted as it destroys important habitat for native fauna.

"Threatened species such as the Regent Honey Eater and Swift Parrot use native trees to feed, so illegal clearing reduces their food supply.

"Other native species such as the squirrel glider use tree hollows for nesting, while ground dwelling animals use fallen timber for refuge. Firewood collection not only disturbs their habitat but disrupts the functioning of healthy ecosystems.

"We encourage people to come and enjoy the parks, but to leave their chainsaws at home.

"NPWS staff are out in Jindalee and other national parks regularly so for those few people doing the wrong thing and spoiling it for others, the chances of getting caught are high," Mr Cathcart said.

For further information contact the Tumut NPWS office on (02) 6947 7000.