Fixing weeds at Jones Beach

Threatened species including beach stone curlew, southern swamp orchid and themeda grassland are all benefitting from a conservation project south of the Wooli River in Yuraygir National Park.

Knicker nut (Caesalpinia bonduc), a threatened plant species, has benefited from weed control at Jones Beach, Yuraygir National Park

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) area manager, Andrew Lugg, said for the past 12 months staff and contractors have been working hard to protect Jones Beach on this beautiful section of coastline.

"The project site is a remote five kilometre section between Wooli and Pebbly Beach containing threatened species such as nickerbean, sand spurge, and the threatened ecological communities themeda grassland and swamp sclerophyll forest," Mr Lugg said.

"The project had its challenges with the June 2016 east coast low and major storm in July impacting on the site and extreme hot weather over summer followed by ex-Cyclone Debbie a few months ago all delaying planned work.

"Nevertheless, contractors Bushland Restoration Services have completed primary work and a follow up over all the 10 hectares site reducing weeds to insignificant levels.

"Last year local staff were successful in obtaining funding from the NPWS Find it and Fix it program to undertake bush regeneration and weed work.

"The Find it and Fix it program is aimed at undertaking conservation projects where significant results can be gained within the 12 month timeframe of the project.

"With weeds now reduced to low levels it will be much easier to conduct essential follow up work and continue the NSW Government's work in protecting our precious natural heritage," Mr Lugg said.

Images: OEHFlickr: Jones Beach Conservation