Help for households to avoid food waste

Environment Minister Robyn Parker today announced over $380,000 worth of grants aimed at helping households save up to $1,000 a year and avoid food waste, the focus of this year’s World Environment Day.

Ms Parker said these programs will to help the community cut-down on the 50 per cent of household garbage bin contents which could have been recycled but is ending up in landfill.

“That is an Olympic swimming pool worth of food every 9 hours, an estimated 800,000 tonnes of food worth approximately $2.5 billion each year,” Ms Parker said.

“But this is not just about the waste of food and money, it is also a waste of the resources used to grow, manufacture and transport the food.

“The Love Food Hate Waste grant recipients share one thing in common – helping families save money on their weekly shopping by cutting down the amount of food that is wasted each week.”

Ms Parker will today meet with grant recipients, the P&C Federation of NSW, to hear about, Leftover Lunchbox, which aims to educate more than 300,000 households across NSW about the benefits of turning dinner leftovers into a school or work lunch for the next day.

Top 10 tips to avoid food waste are:

  1. Plan your weekly menu- it will save you time and money
  2. Check your fridge and cupboard before writing your shopping list
  3. Choose fruit and vegetables that will be ripe when you're ready to use them
  4. Think carefully before buying specials and deals and be confident you will be making a saving not creating food waste
  5. Always look for the use-by and best-before date and make sure you will be able to use the product within this timeframe
  6. Get your serves right by knowing how to measure the correct amount of food for the number of people you are cooking for
  7. Take advantage of kitchen facilities in your workplace to make a salad or reheat leftovers
  8. If you have leftovers store them in the freezer for an easy weeknight dinner
  9. Airtight containers can help keep your food fresher for longer
  10. Make sure you are storing your food correctly- check the packaging for recommendations.