Interim Heritage Order made for Lansdowne, Neutral Bay

Minister for Heritage Mark Speakman has made an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) over “Lansdowne”, a residence in Neutral Bay, in response to a request by North Sydney Council.

Mr Speakman said the IHO was a temporary order to allow North Sydney Council the necessary time required to undertake further heritage assessment of the 3 Anderson Street residence to determine if it is of local heritage significance.

The IHO last for 12 months unless revoked sooner.

Lansdowne is said to be a Queen Anne residence from the 1890’s.

“The IHO will allow a full assessment of the site’s values to be explored. While the IHO is in force, the Heritage Council of New South Wales will be an approval body for any development on this site.”

The property has been subject to an IHO previously made by North Sydney Council in April 2014. Council subsequently revoked that IHO in June last year but then requested the Minister to make a further IHO following new information coming to hand.

“Council is not permitted to make more than one IHO on a property, so it was up to the Government to step in and provide Council with the time it needs to determine the building’s level of significance, and whether it should be given heritage protection,” Mr Speakman said.

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