Moon Rock declared an Aboriginal Place

A significant Aboriginal cultural site on Sydney’s northern beaches, known as Moon Rock, has been declared an Aboriginal Place, NSW Environment and Heritage Minister Mark Speakman announced today

Aboriginal people had traditionally gathered at Moon Rock to meet, learn and heal.

“Moon Rock has become well known for about 50 engravings which depict different phases of the moon, tools and weapons used and animals caught and eaten in the area,” Mr Speakman said.

“The site holds significant Aboriginal cultural values and has a direct connection to country for the local Aboriginal community.”

Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council nominated Moon Rock as an Aboriginal Place to help protect it as a place where Aboriginal people have gathered for generations to pass on knowledge, participate in traditional ceremonies and share traditional stories.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Leslie Williams said the engravings at Moon Rock were rare and went back thousands of years.

“It’s important that we protect this historic site so that future generations learn about it and appreciate its cultural significance,” Mrs Williams said.

The declaration legally recognises and protects its cultural values but does not change the status of the land or affect ownership rights. It is an offence for a person to harm or desecrate an Aboriginal Place.