OEH Data Portal

Our Data Portal is a gateway to the datasets and information resources held by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

Person accessing information on android tablet with wireless connectivity

The portal allows users to discover and download information resources relating to a vast range of topics, from wild rivers to cultural heritage; from air quality to grey-headed flying-foxes.

Users can search for resources by entering a search term, and/or by using an interactive map to outline their area of interest.

Amongst the most popular resources for download are datasets relating to soils, vegetation and wetlands. All of our data is supported by metadata which will give context to how the data was collected, when it was last updated and how it should be used.

We are incrementally introducing Data Quality Statements for our datasets. This will help you to understand whether the data set is right for your needs.

The portal is for anyone interested in accessing OEH data and publications, including environmental consultants, government agencies, academics and researchers, and people who would like to discover environmental or cultural information relevant to a particular area of interest or geographic locality.

We are keen to know how you are using the data and information and what other data you might need. Please email your feedback to us at data.broker@environment.nsw.gov.au

Access the OEH Data Portal