Over $1.1 million provided to six leading institutions for priority environmental research

Environment Minister Mark Speakman today announced over $1.1 million in research grants to fund eight priority environmental studies.

Marine fish near Julian Rocks Nature Reserve

Mr Speakman said six leading institutions would undertake eight research projects across a range of ecological and environmental priority areas for up to three years.

“These NSW Environmental Trust grants will support scientists seeking answers to important ecological questions affecting NSW,” Mr Speakman said.

This year’s Environmental Research Program grants recipients include:

  • CSIRO Land and Water Flagship $150,000: Estimating coastal values;
  • Macquarie University $146,112: The ecological benefits of blackwater;
  • Macquarie University $146,653: Developing a new cross-cultural environmental monitoring tool;
  • University of Canberra $84,300: Are populations of key threatened NSW fishes native or introduced;
  • University of Canberra $149,911: DNA based identification for routine aquatic bioassessment;
  • University of New South Wales $149,133: Predicting swamp community persistence after underground mining;
  • University of Sydney $149,435: Increasing landholder collaboration for landscape scale conservation; and
  • University of Western Sydney $149,745: Rapid onsite identification of hazardous organics at fire scenes.

Grants were open for applied biophysical, social or economic research. For more details and project descriptions visit: Project summaries: 2015 Environmental Research program