Wianamatta Regional Park's $3 million visitor facilities upgrade begins this weekend

Wianamatta Regional Park will close temporarily from this weekend to allow the NSW government to start work on a $3 million upgrade of visitor facilities.

Wianamatta Regional Park

“The visitor areas are being developed for families and a variety of recreation activities, and will also allow the local kangaroo and emu populations to range in the adjoining conservation area,” Environment Minister Mark Speakman said.

“The park is currently open only on weekends but once the construction is finished, the park will be open seven days a week.”

The upgrade includes:

  • Installation of two pedestrian bridges with capacity to carry emergency service vehicles;
  • Installation of sewer, water and electricity services to park amenities;
  • A road, two car parks and drainage works;
  • Toilets, shelters, barbecues and other public facilities;
  • Grassed recreation areas, planting and minor drainage works
  • A new walkway and cycle path (links Ropes Crossing in the east and Jordan Springs in the west).

Mr Speakman said the park needed to close for public safety until construction was finished.

These upgrades were suggested as part of the park’s plan of management and masterplan. The Wianamatta Regional Park community reference group has reviewed the designs.

It is expected the work will be complete in June.

For more information on the closure visit Wianamatta Regional Park.