World leading scheme to help reduce gas bills

NSW homes and businesses will save on gas bills through proposed changes to the NSW Government’s world leading Energy Savings Scheme.

Gas heating star energy rating

Environment Minister Rob Stokes today announced improvements to the scheme at the Energy Efficiency Council’s National Conference in Sydney.

Mr Stokes said the Government will expand the ESS to reward gas savings and extend the scheme to 2025.

“The expansion of the ESS to include gas recognises that gas is a vital source of energy for many households and businesses and that there are opportunities to use gas more efficiently,” Mr Stokes said.

“The scheme will now give customers access to financial incentives to save on their gas bills through measures such as purchasing high efficiency gas heaters and hot water systems or upgrading their building to be more energy efficient.

“The proposed improvements demonstrate the NSW Government’s commitment to assist households and businesses save 16,000 gigawatt hours of electricity each year by 2020.

“The proposed changes will further cement the ESS’s place as one of the world’s leading market-based energy saving schemes. Over 3,000 people are employed in the Australian energy efficiency industry, and today’s announcement will provide even more opportunities for this industry to grow in NSW.”

Energy Minister Anthony Roberts said the scheme has already supported projects that are expected to deliver around $1.4 billion in bill savings over the next decade.

“These projects will deliver around 9,000 gigawatt hours of electricity savings. But more opportunities exist to help more NSW households and businesses to save energy and further reduce the pressure on energy bills,” Mr Roberts said.

“Expanding the ESS to include gas for the first time will support households and businesses to save on their gas bills.

“Extending the ESS to 2025 demonstrates our commitment to the scheme and will place downward pressure on electricity prices.

“Importantly it will also help to free up gas supply for large gas users.”

Full details on the ESS reforms are available in the NSW Government’s ESS Review Information Paper which can be accessed on the Resources and Energy website

Media: Tim Potter 0417 822 957 (Mr Roberts)
John McCormack 0467 731 806 (Mr Stokes)