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Park management

Park management documents include plans of management and fire management strategies.

Plans of management contain information on the natural environments, Aboriginal heritage, history, and recreational opportunities in a park.

Plans of management are legal documents, explaining how a park will be managed. Some of the plans will still be in draft form. After public consultation, draft plans are adopted by the Environment Minister.

Fire management strategies are designed to help:

  • safeguard human life and property
  • promote the conservation of biodiversity
  • protect Aboriginal sites and historic assets.

They are formal documents that are prepared in accordance with the plan of management for the park or reserve and the policies and procedures set out in the Fire Management Manual. We consult widely with local communities, bushfire management committees, rural fire brigades and other interested parties in the preparation of fire management plans and strategies.

The type of strategy developed for each park varies with the complexity of fire management issues. In reserves where the fire risk is low and the issues are less complex, the fire management strategy will be prepared as a supplement to other management plans. Other parks have more complex fire issues, requiring a separate fire management strategy to be prepared. These strategies go through a formal draft stage, when they are open for public submission. After the NPWS has considered all the submissions, the strategies are adopted.

Plans of management

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    • On public exhibition
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    • Final

Fire management strategies

    • On public exhibition
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    • Final
Page last updated: 15 October 2012