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Green List of Protected Areas: Montague Island Nature Reserve

Montague Island Nature Reserve has been accepted to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Green List of Protected Areas (IUCN Green List). It was nominated for inclusion on the IUCN Green List during the pilot phase of this initiative, and formally accepted in November 2014.

Montague Island is located 350km south of Sydney and 9km east of Narooma, NSW. It is a critical seabird breeding site with more than 25,000 pairs from 12 species recorded. Around 2000 fur seals visit the island during the breeding season. Montague Island has great cultural significance to Aboriginal people, who call it Barunguba, the elder son of Gulaga (Mt Dromedary). The restored lighthouse and keepers cottages date back to 1881 and are now used as tourist accommodation.

Montague Island Nature Reserve meets the global standard of excellence in protected area management. This has been acknowledged the IUCN Green List committee following the provision of sufficient evidence to demonstrate sound planning, equitable governance, effective management and successful outcomes.

Montague Island Nature Reserve is an exceptional example of protected area management. Natural, Aboriginal and historic heritage values of national and international significance have been conserved and restored with the help and support of visitors and local communities. These values form the basis of the reserve’s thriving tourism industry.

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