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About us

Creating an office-balcony garden

Queanbeyan balcony garden

Queanbeyan office balcony garden. Photo credit: OEH

‘The Queanbeyan balcony garden and worm farm have been running for about seven years. Scraps from the staff kitchen go into a bucket and each day we add them into the worm farm. Nutrients from the worm farm keep the garden flourishing. I came on board to help keep the worms and plants alive. I made sure the plants got watered, and moved the worm farm out of the summer sun and kept it warm during our harsh winters.

‘The garden, on an L-shaped balcony, has strawberries, coriander, lemon, feijoa, lettuce, rosemary, parsley, garlic shallots and a lovely cascading thornless blackberry. People wander out there and grab something to spice up their lunch, or take home for their cooking.

‘Having this outdoor space has been great. The outdoor space brings people together to eat lunch, for meetings and celebrations, and is a welcome break from the office.’

Renee Bunn, Administrative Officer, Regional Operations and Heritage Group

Page last updated: 28 January 2016