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About us

Recycling used laptops

Rangers with laptops

Former OEH laptops donated to rangers in the Solomon Islands community.

Photo credit: Henry Kaniki of Sirubai Voko Tribe Association

‘We provided a stack of our used laptops to rangers in developing countries at the 2014 World Parks Congress.

We were approached by the Protected Areas Workers Association (PAWA), which advocates for rangers, about donating our used laptops. In conjunction with PAWA, 88 laptops have been donated to rangers – instead of becoming e-waste – over three years. It has helped rangers in countries such as Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and in Pacific Island nations to have access to better tools to do their job protecting nature.

‘Seeing the images of the rangers receiving their laptops gave me huge personal satisfaction. I’m very proud that we’ve created a lasting culture of recycling and taking responsibility for our e-waste within our IT area.’

Stephanie Lennon, Release Manager, Business Information and Services

Page last updated: 28 January 2016