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Retrofitting saves energy and keeps the lights on

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre

Energy-efficient lighting at the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre. Photo credit: OEH

‘The lighting system in our Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre was past its use-by date. Bulbs were blowing due to the age of the system, and changing the bulbs on our high ceilings meant days wasted setting up scaffolding and ladders. Every time there was a blackout and we had to use our generator, we had to choose between lighting the visitor centre and powering the cash register, because our old system chewed up so much power. Visitors ended up wandering around in the dark.

‘A local staff member – Tony Hodgkins, from the Wollongong office – helped us access funds through the Government Building Retrofit Program a few years ago for a new system of 80 LED lights. This has changed everything for us. The new lighting system is smart – the lights turn on when the centre opens and off when it closes. Motion sensors in less frequently used spaces, like our stock reserve and lunchroom, ensure that lights turn off when no one is around.

‘There’s been a whole smorgasbord of benefits. Using less power means we’re saving more than $3,000 every year, but it also means our generator can power the entire centre when a storm forces us off the grid. We haven’t had to change a bulb in three years. Our staff morale and customer service has improved too. Now we can actually see the maps at the front counter!’

Keith Williams, Manager Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, Customer Experience Division

Page last updated: 28 January 2016