Environmental issues

Pests and weeds

Agricultural pests

Protected native animals can become agricultural pests, damaging crops or other types of property. You'll find information below about NPWS strategies and regulations in this area. You should also visit the websites of NSW Agriculture and rural lands protection boards. These organisations coordinate pest animal management efforts across NSW and provide advice on control techniques.

Fruit trees and wildlife - protecting crops without harming native animals
Flying-foxes and some birds can cause damage to commercial crops and backyard fruit trees. Download tree netting guidelines, and see how NPWS regulates agricultural control of wildlife.

Occupier licences to harm native animals on private property
If native animals are causing damage or economic hardship on your property, you may be able to get a licence to control them.

Parks and reserves in the NSW Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone
A number of national parks and reserves lie within the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone. It is illegal to take fresh fruit into the zone without a permit.

Wild dogs
Wild dogs, including dingoes, can have a big impact on native animals and livestock. Find out about NPWS wild dog management programs.

Page last updated: 03 November 2011