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Lantana camara (lantana) is scrambling or thicket-forming shrub originating from tropical South and Central America. It was first introduced to Australia in the 1840s as an ornamental garden plant. It has become highly invasive in both agricultural and natural ecosystems and now covers over 5% of the Australian land mass. It poses a serious threat to the survival of numerous plant and animal species, as well as ecological communities.

Lantana - fact sheet
Get an introduction to this weed, and find out about some NPWS lantana control programs in NSW.

Lantana camara - key threatening process listing
See the NSW Scientific Committee's reasons for declaring this 'key threatening process' in NSW.

Managing the impact of lantana on biodiversity: a national challenge
The Office of Environment and Heritage and Biosecurity Queensland have developed a national strategy to abate, ameliorate or eliminate the threat posed by lantana to biodiversity. This plan established national conservation priorities for the control of lantana.

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