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The new supplementary pest control program will provide local NPWS staff with extra support and resources for reducing pest animal numbers in the 12 reserves. As well as helping to reduce populations of feral pigs, goats, foxes, rabbits and deer in these reserves, it will help reduce the impact of pests on our neighbours’ land.

The reserves included in the trial have been chosen because NPWS staff believe ground shooting by volunteers can support existing pest strategies in the reserve – most likely in conjunction with existing aerial shooting, mustering, trapping and baiting programs.

All volunteers will be under the supervision of NPWS staff under the same operating guidelines and protocols as existing professional ground shooting programs.

NPWS is recruiting 12 new regional positions to support supplementary pest control locally and liaise with our volunteers and neighbours.

NPWS will provide notification four weeks in advance, and final confirmation will be provided at least 48 hours ahead of any activities.

Local NPWS area staff will be contacting neighbours of the proposed reserves to provide more detail on the supplementary pest control program in their neighbouring reserve and to explain how volunteers will be involved in the program locally.

If your property borders one of the 12 reserves involved in the supplementary pest control trial and you have concerns or questions about how the program is operating you can email the Supplementary Pest Control program or call your local NPWS office.

For more information about NPWS pest management locally see regional pest management strategies.


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Page last updated: 27 December 2013