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Memoranda of understanding policy

From time to time, the NPWS enters into memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with other organisations. These MoUs are voluntary and non-legally binding documents to help focus efforts to achieve agreed outcomes through effective partnerships.

This policy aims to:

  • define what circumstances are suitable for the NPWS to enter into an MoU and detail the administrative process involved
  • ensure that such agreements are used appropriately so that they assist in achieving conservation objectives.

Key elements of the policy


The NPWS will not be a partner in any MoU where:

  • the NPWS is the consent authority
  • the matter conflicts with legislation, regulations, plans or policies of the NPWS
  • the MoU is of a commercial nature
  • the MoU would be unethical
  • the MoU affects another party who is not a signatory to the MoU.

In addition:

  • an MoU must remain current, relevant and appropriate.
  • the NPWS will maintain a central register of all memoranda of understanding to which it is a signatory.

This page only gives a summary of the policy. For detailed information please download the full policy below, together with related documents. The policy includes contacts and a list of relevant legislation.

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Page last updated: 23 January 2012