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Guidelines for rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine reptiles

Five species of marine turtle, eleven species of sea snake and one sea krait have been recorded along the NSW coastline. Some of these - particularly marine turtles - are recognised both nationally and internationally as species of concern.

From time to time, marine turtles and sea snakes may require assistance as a result of disease, injury (often from boats or fishing equipment) or marine pollution. In rehabilitating these animals, it is vital to set and maintain the highest standards of care with an aim of returning each individual to the wild.

OEH has published guidelines to assist its staff and other appropriately trained and licensed people when responding to reports of sick or injured marine reptiles. These guidelines explain how to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine reptiles, and how to report relevant information to OEH staff.

If you come across an injured or sick marine reptile, please do not attempt to care for it unless you have appropriate licenses and training in wildlife rehabilitation. Contact the staff at your local OEH office, who will arrange for someone to attend to the animal.

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Page last updated: 05 March 2014