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Connections newsletter 

The Connections newsletter provides updates on co-management projects around the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

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You can also view any of the following previous issues:


  • June (connectionsJun2011.pdf, 157KB)
  • August (connectionsAug2011.pdf, 215KB)
  • December (connectionsDec2011.pdf,


  • January (ConnectionsJanuary2010.pdf, 686KB)
  • April (ConnectionsApril2010SE.pdf, 588KB)
  • June (ConnectionsJune2010.pdf, 634KB)
  • September (ConnectionsSep2010.pdf, 423KB)
  • December (ConnectionsDec2010.pdf, 411KB)


  • April (wha_connections_april09.pdf, 196KB)
  • September (ConnectionsSeptember2009.pdf, 341KB)


  • July (WHA_connections_jul_08.pdf, 860KB)
  • December (WHA_connections_dec08.pdf, 799KB)


  • April (WHA_Connections_April_2007.pdf, 163KB)
  • August (WHA_Connections_August_2007.pdf, 279KB)
  • December (WHA_Connections_Nov_2007.pdf, 486KB)


  • June (WHA_Connections_Jun_2006.pdf, 83KB)
  • December (WHA_Connections_Dec_2006.pdf, 311KB)

More information on Aboriginal joint management of parks in NSW.

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