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Riverina Community Firewood and Home Heating Taskforce. Report prepared for the NSW Minister for the Environment

The Riverina Community Firewood and Home Heating Taskforce was set up by the former Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker, to investigate issues impacting on the availability of firewood for home heating purposes in the Riverina. The taskforce was asked to develop recommendations relating to the long-term sustainable supply of energy for home heating, particularly for those members of the community most reliant on firewood as their primary energy source for home heating.

The taskforce has made 21 recommendations under the following subject headings:

  • maximising the amount of firewood that can be collected under the NPWS Domestic Firewood Collection Program
  • extending the amount of firewood available from national parks by providing access to debris from ecological thinning trials and programs 
  • improving access to firewood on western lands leases
  • improving access to firewood  from state forests 
  • improving access to firewood on other public lands
  • improving domestic firewood collection communication
  • improving natural gas connectivity in the Riverina
  • replacing wood heaters in social housing with other forms of heating
  • supporting local community members to change to an alternative form of home heating.

The Minister has reviewed the recommendations and provided a Government response. The Office of Environment and Heritage will implement some of the recommendations immediately. Details are provided in the Minister’s response (PDF 48KB).

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Page last updated: 25 June 2014