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Improving the environmental management of New South Wales golf courses

This educational manual is designed to provide golf course superintendents with valuable information on how to improve the environmental performance of golf courses. While the focus of the manual is on environmental compliance, thereby reducing risks and avoiding penalties, the manual will also help golf courses operate more efficiently and so save resources.

Improving the Environmental Management of New South Wales Golf Courses covers a range of environmental issues facing golf courses, with a particular emphasis on issues such as water use and re-use, pesticides and fertiliser practices, grass selection and soil management, machinery management and maintenance facility management. It also looks at the management of club houses as well as native vegetation and wildlife management.

The manual provides practical advice as well as a range of useful worksheets and checklists for managing aspects of environmental management. Also included are links to useful sites and contacts, however all users are recommended to check the relevant agencies for updated legislation and resources.

The format and structure of this publication may have been adapted for web delivery.

Page last updated: 10 October 2014