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Lane Cove National Park plan of management

Lane Cove National Park is located in the Sydney metropolitan area. It covers an area of 670 hectares, stretching along the Lane Cove River from Wahroonga and Thornleigh to East Ryde.

A public park was first established in the area in 1938. It has since had a number of management arrangements and name changes and has also grown substantially in size. In 1992 it was reserved as a national park under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

The park protects important Sydney bushland and estuarine communities, providing a primary vegetation corridor linking many smaller urban bushland remnants. It also provides habitat for many native animal species. A number of rare and threatened native plants, animals and ecological communities are also present.

The park is renowned as a respite from city living. It is a place highly valued by the community for both occasional experiences such as picnics, social gatherings and bushwalks and for regular fitness-based activities such as walking, jogging and cycling. It also has a popular tourist park providing nature-based accommodation and camping facilities.

Significant Aboriginal sites are located within the park, as are historic structures and locations connecting us with early use, settlement and recreation along Lane Cove River.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 requires that a plan of management be prepared for every national park. Lane Cove National Park was previously subject to a plan, adopted in 1998. A new draft plan of management for Lane Cove National Park was placed on public exhibition between 12 October 2012 and 4 February 2013. The submissions received were carefully considered before adopting this new plan.

This plan contains actions to protect our natural environment, enhance cultural and recreation opportunities, increase opportunities for people to look after their neighbourhood environments and foster opportunities for partnerships with Aboriginal people. It establishes the scheme of operations for Lane Cove National Park.

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