How can I establish a wildlife refuge on my property?

If you own a property in NSW, you can get assistance to protect and manage the natural and cultural values of your land.

There are several conservation programs to help you set up wildlife refuges. (You first need to apply to have your property assessed for suitability.) There are many benefits for the landholder and you can also apply for a private land conservation grant.

Conservation options

Conservation agreement: permanent legal protection which remains on the land with a change of ownership.

Wildlife refuge: a legally declared wildlife refuge noted on the land title; the status can change when required but remains intact with a change of ownership.

Property registration: register the property to be managed for conservation by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). This is not legally binding, registration ceases on sale of the property.

OEH's Conservation Partners Program offers incentives and information to landholders.

Find out more about the program and grants

Get more detail in the landholder handbook (PDF 4.68MB)

More information

Voluntary conservation of wildlife refuges brochure (PDF 377KB)

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