Do I need a licence for building a dam?

Rural landholders in NSW are entitled to build and maintain dams up to a certain size without a licence. Those not requiring any licence include:

  • harvestable right dams (i.e. small dams to collect rainfall runoff)
  • dams built before 1999 used only for stock and domestic purposes
  • dams up to one megalitre on small properties where the property was approved for subdivision before 1 January 1999.

Any other types of dams may require a licence. The type of licence required depends on whether the water comes from a source governed by a water-sharing plan. Water-sharing plans have rules for sharing water between environmental needs and the users.

The Department of Primary Industries Water (DPI Water) issues licences and has a range of useful information about building dams in NSW.

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For more information about dams and water licences, contact Department of Primary Industries Water (DPI Water).
By phone: 1800 353 104
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