How do I renew my wildlife licence?

Renew your wildlife licence through National Parks and Wildlife Service. The renewal procedure depends on the type of licence you have.

You will need a renewal transaction number from OEH to successfully complete the renewal process. This will be emailed or posted to you before the licence expires. It is important to maintain your contact details with OEH to ensure you receive this notification, otherwise their email or letter to you will not arrive.

A condition of renewal is that your animal keeping records are up-to-date and lodged.

Renew an animal keeper's licence

Renew a companion animal keepers licence

Renew a scientific research licence

An email reminder outlining the renewal process will be sent to the licensee approximately four weeks prior to licence expiry. Renewals are subject to all conditions and reporting requirements being met.

Other types of wildlife licences

For information about other types of licences, visit the wildlife licences section of the website.


For enquiries about wildlife licence renewals, contact the Wildlife Team giving your licence number and date of birth.
By phone: (02) 9585 6406
By email: