One of the most biologically diverse regions of NSW, the North Coast is home to much of the state’s rare and threatened plants and animals – and features the tallest lighthouse in NSW, the Smoky Cape Lighthouse. 

North Coast region map

Featured threatened species

Common name
Southern Pink Underwing Moth

Scientific name
Phyllodes imperialis southern subspecies

Status in NSW

The Southern Pink Underwing Moth Phyllodes imperialis smithersi is named for the brilliant pink patches on its dark hindwing (which also have eight white spots on the trailing edge). The grey/brown forewings are approximately 6cm long with white spots on the underside. When at rest the moth resembles a dead leaf. 

Climate change

Mean temperatures are projected to rise by 2.0 ºC by 2070. There are slightly greater increases in summer, autumn and spring. All models show there are no declines in mean temperatures across the North Coast.



Yuraygir coastal walk

Hike the multi-day Yuraygir coastal walk on the Clarence Coast. Photo: R.Cleary

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St Thomas Anglican Church

This historic Anglican church was built by convict labour between 1824 and 1827 when Port Macquarie was a penal settlement. Photo:T.Sullivan

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Smoky Cape Lighthouse

Take a walk around one of NSW's oldest and tallest lighthouses. Photo: D.Finnegan

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New Italy Settlement

The museum highlights the cultural and social contributions made by Italian migrants to the North Coast region. Photo: T.Fletcher

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Arakoon National Park

Arakoon National Park offers beachside camping and rocky foreshores with great fishing and beaches. Photo: D.McGerty

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Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse sits on Australia’s most easterly point, a shining light over Byron Bay. Photo: J.Spencer

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