There are no simple solutions for managing salinity and there is no 'quick fix'. Salinity inducing processes are complex, whether on a farm or in an urban environment.

General information is available on the management of salinity for urban, dryland and irrigation land uses. However, the expertise of technical specialists will help ensure that salinity management actions are appropriate for the specific location and set of conditions.

The types of salinity that require different solutions include:

  • dryland salinity - where management is most effective when implemented over a whole catchement or sub-catchment as targeted integrated works programs
  • irrigation salinity - where control requires the coordinated management of groundwater at the district and farm scale
  • a whole-of-government approach to help communities understand urban salinity
  • industrial salinity is the result of industrial processes discharging saline water into waterways. Most industries recycle large amounts of saline water for on-site use. However, some need to dispose of this water and need guidelines for discharging waste water into rivers

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Page last updated: 26 September 2013