a whip snake (Demansia rimicola)

Species Action Statement

This species has been assigned to the Partnership (range-restricted) management stream under the Saving our Species (SoS) program.

Justification for allocation to this management stream

Less than 10% of the species' total population occurs within NSW.

Conservation status

Strategic importance

Information not available.

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions not available.

Management objectives

This action statement aims to secure critical populations of this species in NSW in the long-term.

Species sightings and management sites across NSW

How will this species be managed?

Key management sites for this threatened species are being identified by the Office of Environment and Heritage and other program partners, where feasible, cost-effective and beneficial to the threatened species. Currently, no management sites have been identified for this threatened species.

A number of state-wide conservation actions have been identified for this threatened species, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Show actions

  • Determine the current range and distribution of the species through intensive surveys, then identify at least 5 currently inhabited sites across the species range for recovery actions to be implemented.
  • Establish a comprehensive monitoring program across the 5 sites to determine the success or otherwise of recovery actions and to guide future actions.
  • Develop and implement an appropriate fire regime that retains hollow logs & trees and hummock grasses as shelter and foraging habitat.
  • Establish and implement a joint pest control program between DEC and landholders for foxes and feral cats in and around areas of suitable habitat.
  • Develop a rapport with landholders within the species range and encourage them to understand and assist in the species recovery through brochures, on-site visits, etc.
  • Prevent the illegal collection of individuals through educating landholders, media coverage, regular inspections of suspected collectors and careful monitoring and assessment of research licence applicants.
  • Monitor rabbit warrens for Collared Whip Snakes prior to ripping or blasting and seek advice, permission & assistance to relocate the individual prior to destroying the warrens.
  • Erect fences around areas of suitable habitat to prevent trampling and grazing by stock or to buffer from cropping activities and to allow regeneration of habitat.
  • Revegetate riparian strips, gullies and stream banks.
  • Retain, where ever possible, all ground timber, fallen logs, rocks, grass cover, spinifex, understorey shrubs and soil cracks in areas of suitable habitat.
  • Prepare a Multi- Species Recovery Plan for Reptiles of the North-West.
  • Reserve Fire Management Strategy for Sturt NP to include operational guidelines to protect this species habitat from fire (add prescription if known).

Are you or is someone you know doing conservation work for this species or in this area?

Contact us to tell us about the work. Your input will help OEH evaluate the status of threatened species and provide a broader picture of conservation work across NSW.