Little Whip Snake (Suta flagellum)

Species Action Statement

This species has been assigned to the Data-deficient species management stream under the Saving our Species program.

Justification for allocation to this management stream

This species is in the Data Deficient stream as little is known about its distribution, ecology or appropriate actions to manage threats.

Conservation status

Management objectives

This action statement aims to address key knowledge gaps for this species, which once resolved, can inform effective managment of this species. 

Species sightings and management sites across NSW

How will this species be managed?

The following research actions have been designed to address priority knowledge gaps in order to develop an appropriate management approach for this species:
  • Undertake targeted surveys for the species in areas identified as suitable habitat and where located investigate threats operating on population
  • Undertake research into basic biology and habitat requirements. Investigate the factors influencing population dyanmics.
A number of state-wide conservation actions have also been identified for this species, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Show actions

  • Determine the distribution of suitable habitat for the species with reference to remote sensing and vegetation surveys.
  • Undertake targeted surveys for the species in areas identified as suitable habitat.
  • Undertake research into basic biology, ecology and habitat requirements.
  • Develop survey and monitoring guidelines.
  • Develop habitat identification, management and enhancement guidelines.
  • Provide incentive payments for protection and enhanced management of identified sites on private land (see DEC for details).
  • Provide landowners with information on the species and its habitat requirements.
  • Prepare and implement a PoM for Kuma NR.
  • Undertake biennial monitoring program at Kuma NR.
  • Prepare and implement a PoM for Turallo NR.
  • Undertake biennial monitoring program at Turallo NR.

Are you or is someone you know doing conservation work for this species or in this area?

Contact us to tell us about the work. Your input will help OEH evaluate the status of threatened species and provide a broader picture of conservation work across NSW.