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Explore our list of technical papers, newsletters and reports for a range of topics related to land and soil.

Technical papers, newsletters and reports are listed alphabetically, provided mostly in PDF format. Where there are many documents on this subject available, follow the link to that series of publications (e.g., soil landscape maps and reports). 


Above the Treeline: How the High Country Was Rescued

After the Burn (PDF 845KB)

Assessing the Texture of Your Soil (PDF 500KB)


Building a Farm Dam  (PDF 345KB)


Cap and Pipe the Bores  (PDF 1106KB)

Conservation Farming (PDF 664KB)

CEMSYS Modelled Wind Erosion (PDF 1.5MB)


Detecting Soil Structure Decline (PDF 967KB)


Erosion and Sediment Control on Building Sites - Guidelines for:

  1. Guidelines Index (PDF 937KB)


Land Degradation Survey 1987-1988 

The land and soil capability assessment scheme: second approximation


Managing NSW Rangelands (PDF 700KB)


On the Surface, What Kind of Soil are You Farming? (PDF 1.712MB)


Parent Material and Soils

Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Tracks (Guidelines for the…) (PDF 449KB)

Protocols for soil condition and land capability monitoring 


Reduced Tillage for Soil Erosion Control (PDF 1479KB)

Rehabilitation of open cut coal mines using native grasses: Management guidelines (PDF 1 MB)

A Review of Literature on Ironbark Ridges and Associated Lands (PDF 925KB)

Rural Land Capability Mapping (Soil Conservation Service of NSW/ Emery, K.A. 1986)

  1. Part 1 (PDF 581KB)
  2. Part 2 (PDF 866KB)
  3. Part 3 (PDF 883KB)
  4. Part 4 (PDF 927KB)


SALIS Soil Data Entry Handbook 3rd edition (PDF 832KB)

SALIS Soil Data Entry Handbook Supplement 1 - the Salinity Soil Data Card (PDF 239KB)

SALIS Soil Data Entry Handbook Supplement 2 - the 4-page, V4 Soil Data Card (PDF 142KB)

SALIS Soil Data Entry Handbook Supplement 3 - the 4-page, V5 Soil Data Card (PDF 77KB)

SALIS Soil Data Entry Handbook Supplement 4 - the 2-page Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land Soil Data Card (PDF 82KB)

Soil condition and land management in NSW: Final results from the 2008-09 monitoring, evaluation and reporting program

Soil and land constraint assessment for urban and regional planning

Soil and Landscape Issues in Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF 1484KB)

Soil and Water Conservation on Farms (PDF 957KB)

Soil - A Vital and Non-renewable Resource (PDF 515KB)

Soil Regolith Stability Classification for State Forests in Eastern NSW

Soils: Their Properties and Management, 2nd edition (DLWC/ Oxford University Press/ Charman, PEV & Murphy, BW 2000). This publication is no longer stocked but can be purchased from larger book stores.

Soil Structure Close-up (PDF 604KB)

Soil Survey Standard Test Methods

Stubble Assessment for Erosion Control (PDF 1255KB)

Stubble - Trash or Treasure? (PDF 552KB)


Systems Used to Classify Rural Lands in NSW (PDF 1372KB) (PDF 1372KB) (PDF 1372KB) (PDF 1372KB) (PDF 1372KB) (PDF 1372KB)


Take the Guesswork out of Land Use Decision Making (PDF 411KB)

The Cover Equation - How Much is Enough? (PDF 1956KB)

The Hidden Cost of Bush Fires (PDF 1632KB)

The Mallee Country of Western NSW (A Grazier's Guide to…)

  1. Part 1 (PDF 1750KB)
  2. Part 2 (PDF 889KB)

The Northern Crisis - Soil Erosion (PDF 951KB)

The Saltbush-Bluebush Downs Country of Western NSW (A Grazier's Guide to…)

  1. Part 1 (PDF 1678KB)
  2. Part 2 (PDF 1489KB)


Wind Erosion 2nd Edition (PDF 134KB)

Want to find more publications about soils or soil conservation? Visit our references and further reading pages for a substantial listing. Many of these publications are held in public libraries.

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Page last updated: 30 October 2015