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The initial three-year $60 million Urban Stormwater Program concluded in June 2001, with the Government linking its decision about future programs to an independent evaluation of the components of the Urban Stormwater Program. The evaluation report provides a description of the achievements of the Stormwater Program over the last three years. Many of these achievements have been born through productive partnerships with local councils, which have primary responsibility for the urban stormwater management.

The evaluation report is presented in four parts. A summary report, which draws on the detailed independent evaluation reports of each of the three major components of the Program – grants, education, and stormwater management plans. Each of the four parts is available for download in pdf version:

  • Urban Stormwater Program Evaluation: Executive Summary and Future Directions:
    Low resolution - uspeesfdlow.pdf (104 kb)
    Medium resolution - uspeesfdmed.pdf (2998 kb)
    High resolution - uspeesfd.pdf (5025 kb)
  • Urban Stormwater Program Evaluation: Part A – Summary Report:
    uspeA.pdf (1764 kb)
  • Urban Stormwater Program Evaluation: Part B – Evaluation of the Stormwater Trust Grants Scheme:
    uspeB.pdf (575 kb)
  • Urban Stormwater Program Evaluation: Part C – Evaluation of the State-wide Urban Stormwater Education Program:
    uspeC.pdf (874 kb)
  • Urban Stormwater Program Evaluation: Part D – Evaluation of the Stormwater Management Planning Process:
    uspeD.pdf (626 kb)

The evaluation report highlights the following points:

  1. The benefits of the Urban Stormwater Program in reducing pollution and raising awareness have been substantial.
  2. The program has been delivered very efficiently in cost terms. The Grants Scheme and Education Program have benchmarked well, but improvements can be made to the planning program during implementation.
  3. Management arrangements for stormwater management need improvement, but wholesale changes are not recommended until there has been time for the stormwater plans to be implemented.
  4. The program has achieved many of its environmental, social and economic objectives. However, a commitment to an extension to the program should be made to secure ongoing benefits and build on the achievements detailed in this report.
  5. Any future program should provide, a transition to a more sustainable funding and management framework for the management of urban stormwater.

The NSW Government allocated funding of $20 million to the Program from its 2001–2002 budget based on the positive outcomes of the three-year Urban Stormwater Program.

Urban Stormwater Education Program

Summary Evaluation Report - The Drain is Just for Rain - This document provides a summary of the extent to which the Urban Stormwater Education Program, conducted between 1999–2004, worked, and what was learnt from it. It is intended to help others who have responsibility for the delivery of education for sustainability (drain04111.pdf 146 kb).

cover image: Summary evaluation report - The drain is just for rain

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