Nature conservation

Native animals

Animal and plant surveys

A biodiversity survey looks at the plants and animals of an area and describes the environment in which they live. There are many methods used for recording species and their habitats. A survey may involve:

  • searching for reptiles under rocks or for frogs in creeks
  • listening to calls of birds
  • looking for signs such as tracks and scats
  • spotlighting at night to observe nocturnal mammals and birds
  • trapping and releasing invertebrates and small ground-dwelling mammals
  • recording details of the physical environment.

Current surveys

OEH programs range from community-based wildlife surveys to regional conservation assessments. Get details on specific surveys.

Completed surveys

View animal and plant surveys completed by OEH.

Guidelines for carrying out a survey

Find out about biodiversity survey and assessment guidelines.

Get involved - participate in surveys

You can help with biodiversity surveys - see what's going on in a park near you.

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Page last updated: 22 April 2014