Statewide community wildlife survey

In 2014 OEH will again be seeking volunteers living in regional NSW to complete an online questionnaire. The survey will gather information about the current and past distribution of animals in NSW, particularly in their local area. This information will help OEH better manage our precious wildlife.

As in the 2011 Wildlife Biodiversity Survey, volunteers will be asked to enter information about where they have seen the following animals in the past two years:

  • barking owls
  • bush-stone curlews
  • cane toads (an invasive species)
  • emus
  • feral cats (domestic cat living in the wild)
  • flying foxes (sometimes called fruit bats)
  • kangaroos (eastern grey, western grey and red kangaroos)
  • koalas
  • wombats.
Page last updated: 10 February 2014