Sustaining our environment

Sustainability Advantage

Good environmental performance reduces risk, lowers costs, improves productivity and enhances reputation. The Office of Environment and Heritage NSW invites you to partner with us to boost your environmental performance.

More than 645 organisations are currently working with Sustainability Advantage to:

  • integrate environmental strategies with business planning
  • use resources more efficiently
  • engage and train staff to become an employer of choice
  • enhance customer, supplier and community relationships
  • measure their carbon footprint and manage their emissions
  • manage environmental risk and ensure compliance.

Sustainability Advantage makes sense of all the noise about sustainability, pinpoints ways in which your business can benefit from sustainable work practices and provides a clear path for action.  Rather than creating extra work, we help you focus your efforts to deliver the best results for your company and the environment.

Sustainability Advantage brings together groups of businesses into clusters that share regional, industry or supply chain interests. Cluster meetings held 3-4 times a year provide an opportunity to draw on the ideas and experiences of like-minded organisations.

An initial management diagnostic helps you evaluate your current environmental performance and ranks possible initiatives. Over 18 months, or longer if you choose, you work on tailored, flexible projects selected from the seven Sustainability Advantage modules:

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Participating organisations commit to an 18-month involvement and a modest financial contribution. While results will depend on a company's own efforts, Sustainability Advantage provides expertise, training, tools and a network of organisations working with you towards sustainability.

Case studies describe ways in which Sustainability Advantage has helped participating companies improve their environmental and business performance.

The Sustainability Advantage recognition scheme also promotes its partners' work towards environmental performance and advocacy.

For more information on the Sustainability Advantage program, read the Sustainability Advantage brochure (110744SAbrchPT.pdf, 925kB)

To pursue Sustainability Advantage for your organisation and contribute to the health of our environment and communities, contact the Sustainability Advantage team by phoning (02) 88376000 or emailing

Page last updated: 17 February 2014