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The areas shown in pink and/purple are the sub-regions where the species or community is known or predicted to occur. They may not occur thoughout the sub-region but may be restricted to certain areas. ( click here to see geographic restrictions). The information presented in this map is only indicative and may contain errors and omissions.
Scientific name: Myotis macropus
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Profile last updated: 26 May 2016


This species is now most often referred to as Myotis macropus or the Southern Myotis, but has previously been called the Large-footed Myotis (M. adversus). It has disproportionately large feet; more than 8 mm long, with widely-spaced toes which are distinctly hairy and with long, curved claws. It has dark-grey to reddish brown fur above and is paler below. It weighs up to 15 grams and has a wingspan of about 28 cm.


The Southern Myotis is found in the coastal band from the north-west of Australia, across the top-end and south to western Victoria. It is rarely found more than 100 km inland, except along major rivers.

Habitat and ecology

  • Generally roost in groups of 10 - 15 close to water in caves, mine shafts, hollow-bearing trees, storm water channels, buildings, under bridges and in dense foliage.
  • Forage over streams and pools catching insects and small fish by raking their feet across the water surface.
  • In NSW females have one young each year usually in November or December.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Recovery strategies

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Information sources

CMA CMA sub-region Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
Border Rivers-GwydirNandewar, Northern Complex Known None
Border Rivers-GwydirNortheast Forest Lands Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanBathurst Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanBungonia Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanBurragorang (Part A) Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanCumberland Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanKanangra Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanMoss Vale Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanPittwater Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanSydney Cataract Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanWollemi Known None
Hawkesbury-NepeanYengo Known None
Hunter-Central RiversBarrington Known None
Hunter-Central RiversComboyne Plateau Known None
Hunter-Central RiversHunter Known None
Hunter-Central RiversKaruah Manning Known None
Hunter-Central RiversMacleay Hastings Predicted None
Hunter-Central RiversMummel Escarpment Known None
Hunter-Central RiversTomalla Predicted None
Hunter-Central RiversUpper Hunter Known None
Hunter-Central RiversWollemi (Part A) Predicted None
Hunter-Central RiversWollemi (Part B) Predicted None
Hunter-Central RiversWollemi (Part C) Predicted None
Hunter-Central RiversWyong Known None
Hunter-Central RiversYengo Predicted None
LachlanLachlan Predicted None
LachlanLower Slopes Known None
LachlanOrange Known None
LachlanUpper Slopes Known None
MurrayBondo Predicted None
MurrayLower Slopes Predicted None
MurrayMurray Fans Known None
MurrayMurrumbidgee Predicted None
MurrayNew South Wales Alps Predicted None
MurraySouth Olary Plain, Murray Basin Sands (Part A) Predicted None
MurraySouth Olary Plain, Murray Basin Sands (Part B) Predicted None
MurrayUpper Slopes Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeBondo Known
MurrumbidgeeBondo Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeKybeyan - Gourock Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeLower Slopes Known None
MurrumbidgeeMonaro Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeMurrumbateman Known None
MurrumbidgeeMurrumbidgee Known
MurrumbidgeeNew South Wales Alps (Part A) Predicted
MurrumbidgeeNew South Wales Alps (Part B) Known None
MurrumbidgeeSouth Olary Plain, Murray Basin Sands (Part A) Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeSouth Olary Plain, Murray Basin Sands (Part B) Predicted None
MurrumbidgeeUpper Slopes Known None
Northern RiversArmidale Plateau Known None
Northern RiversCataract Known None
Northern RiversChaelundi Known None
Northern RiversClarence Lowlands Known None
Northern RiversClarence Sandstones Known None
Northern RiversCoffs Coast & Escarpment Known None
Northern RiversComboyne Plateau Known None
Northern RiversDalmorton Known None
Northern RiversEbor Basalts Predicted None
Northern RiversGlenn Innes-Guyra Basalts (Part B) Predicted None
Northern RiversMacleay Hastings Known None
Northern RiversMurwillumbah (Qld - Southeast Hills and Ranges) Known None
Northern RiversNightcap Predicted None
Northern RiversNortheast Forest Lands Known None
Northern RiversRichmond - Tweed (Qld - Scenic Rim) (Part A) Known None
Northern RiversRichmond - Tweed (Qld - Scenic Rim) (Part B) Predicted None
Northern RiversRocky River Gorge Known None
Northern RiversRound Mountain Predicted None
Northern RiversStanthorpe Plateau Predicted None
Northern RiversUpper Manning Predicted None
Northern RiversWalcha Plateau Predicted None
Northern RiversWashpool Known None
Northern RiversWongwibinda Plateau Known None
Northern RiversWoodenbong Known None
Northern RiversYuraygir Predicted None
Southern RiversBateman Known None
Southern RiversBungonia Known None
Southern RiversBurragorang Known None
Southern RiversEast Gippsland Lowlands (Part A) Known None
Southern RiversEast Gippsland Lowlands (Part B) Known None
Southern RiversEast Gippsland Lowlands (Part C) Known None
Southern RiversEttrema Known None
Southern RiversIllawarra Known None
Southern RiversJervis Known None
Southern RiversKybeyan - Gourock (Part A) Known None
Southern RiversKybeyan - Gourock (Part B) Known None
Southern RiversMonaro (Part A) Known None
Southern RiversMonaro (Part B) Predicted None
Southern RiversMonaro (Part C) Predicted None
Southern RiversMoss Vale Known None
Southern RiversNew South Wales Alps Predicted None
Southern RiversSouth East Coastal Plains Known None
Southern RiversSouth East Coastal Ranges (Part A) Known None
Southern RiversSouth East Coastal Ranges (Part B) Predicted None
Southern RiversSouth East Coastal Ranges (Part C) Known None
Sydney MetroCumberland Known None
Sydney MetroPittwater (Part A) Known None
Sydney MetroPittwater (Part B) Known None
Sydney MetroSydney Cataract Known None