Critical habitats

Protecting critical habitats is key to the conservation and recovery of endangered or critically endangered species.

Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) is an iconic threatened species in NSW

An area of land that is critical to the survival of an endangered or critically endangered species, population or ecological community is called a critical habitat.

Habitats for the Wollemi pine in Wollemi National Park and the little penguin population in Sydney’s North Harbour are two examples of critical habitat.


Critical habitat declarations are listed under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

Once a critical habitat has been formally declared and listed, the public and planning authorities must consider it when using the land or assessing development applications.

Species impact statements must be included in all licence and development applications relating to that land.

Critical habitat register

Information about critical habitats in NSW, including declarations and maps, can be found in the Critical habitat register.