Iconic species

Iconic species are important socially, culturally and economically, and the community expects them to be effectively managed and protected.

Through Saving our Species, $1.48 million in funding up to 2016 has already been allocated to implement actions for the following six iconic species:

  • brush-tailed rock-wallaby
  • koala
  • southern corroboree frog
  • malleefowl
  • Wollemi pine
  • plains-wanderer.

From July 2016, conservation projects for these iconic species are being implemented across NSW. Projects have been prepared based on existing recovery plans and consultation with experts. $2 million has been allocated across the six species for investment in 2016/17. More information about each project can be found in the links below.

Information on iconic species and actions to recover them


The plains-wanderer (Pedionomus torquatus) is now an iconic threatened species in NSW

Learn more about the plains-wanderer

A conservation project is currently under development.

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