Heritage Near Me web app

The Heritage Near Me web app is a tourism and storytelling tool where the Office of Environment and Heritage and members of the community can share local heritage stories.

About the web app

Heritage Near Me partnered with Code for Australia to create a digital platform to share the diverse heritage stories of NSW.

The Heritage Near Me web app will help highlight and share local heritage stories, which may also unveil little known histories. These stories will complement the existing statutory information for heritage items held in the State Heritage Inventory Database, which is used to provide information about NSW heritage items.


The web app project will provide new opportunities for community members to engage with local heritage items through the use of digital technology. These may include video stories, rich imagery, maps and virtual tours.

OEH is working with local communities and government to understand better ways to promote heritage to a broader audience and to expand the perspective of heritage within the NSW community.


The web app is currently in the early stages of development. OEH will provide regular updates on how the project is progressing.