Other publications

Other publications that are relevant to native vegetation management in NSW include:

Native vegetation reforms

Environmental outcomes assessment protocols

Vulnerable or state protected land

Invasive native scrub

Clause 20 (formerly clause 28) policies

Under the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 (clause 65 – Savings and transitional provisions), clause 28 policies adopted under the Native Vegetation Regulation 2005 will continue to have effect until they are revoked by the Minister.

Listing of feral native species

The Minister for the Environment may list a species of native plant as a feral native species for specific land.

Landholders can clear listed feral native species without approval from their catchment management authority (CMA), provided that they adhere to simple conditions.

Clearing a listed feral native species is a Routine Agricultural Management Activity (RAMA) under the Native Vegetation Act 2003.

Please read through each listing to understand the conditions.

For more information contact your regional Local Land Services office.

Listed feral native species

Species and conditions  Location   Date
 Coastal Tea Tree - Leptospermum laevigatum (FnsOrderCoastalTeaTreeApr09.pdf, 65KB)  Parts of the North Coast Local Land Service  9 April 2009
 Yellow Mimosa - Vachellia farnesiana (YMimosaOrder.pdf, 84KB)  All NSW  29 August 2013

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Page last updated: 20 February 2015