Public exhibition and consultation

The following documents were released for public consultation:

The Private Native Forestry Code of Practice was also reviewed and a draft released for public comment. To find out about these changes visit the Private Native Forestry page on the Environment Protection Authority's website.

NOTE: The proposed Regulation and supporting documents are not yet approved. Any clearing you wish to undertake must comply with the rules under the current Regulation. If uncertain, consult with your local catchment management authority (CMA) before proceeding with any new vegetation clearing.

Public exhibition of these documents was from 29 May 2012 to 24 August 2012. A one-week grace period was granted to 31 August 2012. Submissions can be viewed here.

Explaining the proposed changes

  • Factsheet 1: New approach to native vegetation management (120479NVRegRevFS1.pdf, 195KB) provides a general overview of the main changes proposed to the Regulation and EOAM.
  • Factsheet 2: New clearing rules (120480NVRegRevFS2.pdf, 192KB) gives an overarching summary for landholders of the proposed new clearing rules.
  • Factsheet 3: Clearing that does not require approval (120481NVRegRevFS3.pdf, 189KB) describes for landholders clearing activities that will not need approval under the proposed Regulation. These are known as Routine Agricultural Management Activities (RAMAs) and include, for example, clearing for fences and farm roads, sheds, dwellings and for conservation purposes.
  • Factsheet 4: Clearing using the new Codes of Practice (120482NVRegRevFS4.pdf, 188KB) describes for landholders the new group of proposed RAMAs that farmers can undertake without approval as long as they follow a code of practice. This will allow management of Invasive Native Species (INS) using some treatments, thinning of dense trees, clearing feral native plants and clearing for environmental works.
  • Factsheet 5: Clearing that requires approval (120483NVRegRevFS5.pdf, 197KB) describes for landholders the proposed changes to the assessment process for clearing proposals where they require approval from the Catchment Management Authority. This includes a simpler and shorter assessment process for proposals for pasture cropping, certain treatments of INS, clearing scattered trees and small clumps of native vegetation in paddocks used for cultivation and clearing very small areas of native vegetation.
  • Factsheet 6: New approach to native vegetation compliance (120484NVRegRevFS6.pdf, 191KB) sets out OEH’s new approach to compliance which will be accompanied by a revitalised extension campaign from the Catchment Management Authorities. A more balanced approach to compliance will be pursued with greater transparency and flexibility, working with farmers to ensure they understand the rules, applying the law sensibly on those who flout the law.
  • The majority of the current provisions in the 2005 Regulation are carried over into the draft 2012 Regulation without significant amendment (see Outline of changes under the Proposed Native Vegetation Regulation 2012, 120495NVRegchanges.pdf, 83KB). Restructuring of the 2012 Regulation is also proposed.

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Regional information sessions

A series of public information session were held across regional NSW to explain the proposed changes. The meetings were an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

The meetings were hosted by the catchment management authorities. Staff from OEH also attended.

Details of these sessions can be found here.

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