Clearing on Crown Land

Crown Land is land owned by the state and comprises approximately half of all of NSW. Some of this land is allocated to public uses such as national parks, state forests, schools, hospitals, sporting, camping and recreation areas, as well as lands which are managed and protected for their environmental importance. Other significant portions of Crown Land can be used in a number of ways, including leasing for commercial or agricultural purposes, or land development and sale.

The Native Vegetation Act 2003 (the Act) regulates the clearing of native vegetation on Crown Land. This includes leasehold land in the Western Division of NSW held under tenures administered by the Western Lands Act 1901. A Property Vegetation Plan (PVP) or Development Application can be submitted for Crown Land, however approval will be dependent on the applicant’s equity in the holding; exclusive use rights; and any public purpose or tenure conditions attached to the land.

Routine agricultural management activities (RAMAs) and other 'permitted clearing' activities under the Act can occur without Local Land Services (LLS) approval, however clearing may be restricted by your Crown Land lease, licence or permit. Check the conditions or consult the Land and Property Management Authority before you start work.

Bushfire hazard reduction clearing does not require a PVP if it is undertaken within the terms and conditions of a hazard reduction certificate issued by the Rural Fire Service.

For further information regarding how clearing on Crown Land is regulated by the Act visit the website of the Crown Land division of NSW Trade and Investment.



Page last updated: 26 August 2014