Survey of native vegetation regulation

A survey on experiences with the way government regulates native vegetation was conducted from 10 November 2011 to 30 March 2012. The survey was designed to give the public an alternative way of providing input to the review of the Native Vegetation Regulation.

An independent expert was engaged to analyse the survey results and produced a survey analysis report (NVsurveyreport.pdf, 5314 KB).

Four hundred and eight people completed the survey. The majority (71%) of respondents were directly involved in the management of a rural property, while 27% of respondents were not.

Key findings of the survey analysis included the following:

  • A significant proportion of respondents were from the Northern Rivers CMA (representing 26% of respondents who provided a postcode and 19% of the total sample).
  • 71% of all respondents considered native vegetation to be very important for the viability of agriculture in NSW.
  • Respondents were split on how well native vegetation is protected under current laws, with 43% stating it is not well protected/not protected at all and 42% stating it is over-protected/a bit over-protected.
  • Respondents were also split regarding the enforcement of rules for native vegetation clearing, with 41% stating the enforcement of the rules is too lax and 33% stating the enforcement of the rules is too strict.
  • The majority of suggestions for improving the regulation of native vegetation related to more flexible and localised processes focused on regions, working with and educating the community, and better enforcement of regulations.
Page last updated: 03 December 2012