Public Register of approved increased infrastructure RAMA buffer distances

For more information on the register categories see the public register page.

CMAApproval DateType of InfrastructureInfrastructure buffer distance being varied (clause of NV Reg)Total buffer distance permittedProperty locationReasons for variation
Namoi12/1/2007RoadClause 20(3) (d)12 m150.512, -30.400Access road on steep slope realigned and upgraded for articulated heavy vehicle access.
Central West29/07/2009Grain storageClause 20(1) (f)6.2 ha148.630, -31.412To allow the development of a grain storage facility in an area of the property that is central and able to provide wet weather access.
Central West9/12/2009Boundary fenceClause 20(3) (a)15 m147.873, -30.598To reduce infrastructure damage caused by the prevailing South Westerly wind blowing trees over the fenceline. RAMA distance reduced on opposing boundary fenceline.
Central West11/11/2011Internal permanent fenceClause 20 (5) (a), (b) & (c)20 m149.279. - 31.351To allow stock movement along the fenceline.
Page last updated: 19 September 2013