Clearing on vulnerable land

Under the Native Vegetation Act 2003 (the Act), the former 'state protected land' has been more accurately mapped and is now classed as 'vulnerable land'. These areas of NSW are especially vulnerable to soil erosion, sedimentation and landslip if appropriate techniques are not used when clearing vegetation. This land is categorised as:

  • Steep or Highly Erodible Land (formerly Category A)
  • Protected Riparian Land (formerly Category B)
  • Special Category Land (formerly Category C).

    Under the Act, all regrowth on Steep or Highly Erodible Land and Protected Riparian Land has been classified as protected regrowth.

    All clearing of native vegetation on vulnerable land requires approval unless it is excluded clearing or can be cleared under a routine agricultural management activity (RAMA). However there are restrictions to the RAMAs available for clearing on Protected Riparian Land.

    View the vulnerable land map for NSW (vulnerablelandmap.pdf, 559KB) and the natural resource management plan that identifies Vulnerable Land under to Native Vegetation Act 2003.

    Page last updated: 26 August 2014