Wetlands in the Clarence Lowlands IBRA Subregion

This project was funded by the Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA). The objective of the project was to undertake a conservation assessment of wetlands in the Clarence Lowlands IBRA subregion in order to make recommendations for their management and protection that may contribute to improving the comprehensiveness, adequacy and representativeness of the National Reserve System (NRS).

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) were engaged to complete this project, which was subsequently undertaken by Eco Logical Australia in collaboration with DECC. The project included a desktop conservation assessment and expert panel workshop to
identify priority wetland areas and to direct the future development of the NRS.

Through this study the NRS is seeking to identify wetlands that will protect:

  • Representative examples of wetland types and wetland ecosystems in the Clarence Lowlands IBRA subregion;
  • Core habitat for rare and threatened species, and ecosystems, dependant on wetlands;
  • Refuges for species and ecosystems that are vulnerable to climate change;
  • Wetlands that provide critical habitat for migratory or nomadic species; and
  • Places of national / international and regional environmental significance (e.g. National Heritage List, World Heritage Area, Ramsar, DIWA, endemic species, biogeographic extremes, species richness).

In determining the priorities for protection, this report identifies wetland areas that are well placed in the landscape by being ecologically connected, large enough to sustain biological values and have a high degree of certainty that key resources like water and threatening processes like Acid Sulphate Soils do not compromise the long term survival of the wetland ecosystems.

This conservation assessment will also facilitate development of new protected area proposals, including conservation agreements and covenants on private lands, and will inform the development of Property Vegetation Plans where key values are identified.

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Wetlands in the Clarence Lowlands IBRA Subregion (ClarenceLowlandsReport.pdf, 2.66MB)


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