About us

About us

Guarantee of service

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is responsible for protecting and conserving the NSW environment and Aboriginal cultural heritage. It is also responsible for managing national parks, guiding the sustainable management of natural resources (including coastal environments and floodplains), and developing and coordinating programs to address the impacts of climate change in NSW. In carrying out its role, OEH:

  • undertakes regulatory and compliance activities and programs to protect our environment and Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • manages more than six million hectares of land (over 8% of the state) for conservation, education and public enjoyment
  • delivers policies, programs and services across the full range of its responsibilities.

The people of NSW expect our work to be conducted with responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, and we are committed to delivering our services in a professional, timely manner that promotes and maintains public confidence and trust.


Our four service principles establish the standard of service people may expect from us:


We will treat people and the environment with respect. Our client service will be culturally sensitive to all people and will recognise the rights and interests of Aboriginal people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We will involve the community in helping to protect and conserve the environment and our cultural heritage.


We will listen to our stakeholders and the broader community, and explain our processes in a friendly and helpful manner so that interactions with us are clearly understood. We will work to be consistent, accurate and impartial. Access to OEH programs and information will be supported by communication technology, where possible.


Our services will be delivered in a timely, ethical and transparent way. Phone calls will be answered promptly and the first person you speak to will aim to have your request dealt with in a way that meets your needs. We will communicate clearly and establish programs to assist in any emergency. Our staff will endeavour at all times to meet these service standards.

Continuous improvement

We seek to have our services meet people's needs and to improve all our products and services through collaboration and continuous improvement. We will regularly and systematically consult with people who use our services, and listen to their ideas for improvement.

Correspondence and Email Policy

Before sending correspondence or an email to the Minister for Environment and Minister for Heritage or the Office of Environment and Heritage, please ensure you are familiar with the following policy:

The Minister and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage receive a large volume of postal and email correspondence and not all correspondence requires a response.

We treat emails the same as posted correspondence.

We aim to manage all correspondence in line with our guarantee of service.

There may be occasions where we will forward the issues you raise and your comments to another Minister for their attention.

We will not respond to correspondence where the Minister or member of Agency staff are not the primary recipient, but marked as carbon copy (ie CC) or blind copy (BC). We will only respond to items where the Minister or a member of Agency staff is the primary recipient.

We accept no responsibility for invoices or other documents involving payments sent by email. Such items must be sent to the Office of Environment and Heritage Postal Address.

We will delete unsolicited advertisements without response.

We will forward any correspondence containing threatening content or advocating illegal activities to the NSW Police. We will not respond to correspondence containing offensive language or content.

Your correspondence and email, once sent, will become a formal departmental record. We will treat this with the appropriate level of confidentiality consistent with NSW Privacy and Personal Information Act provisions. For further information see the OEH Privacy Policy.

Service standards

Telephone calls: We will respond to telephone enquiries promptly during normal office hours. The person answering your call will identify their name or position, or the area you have contacted. We aim to answer all calls within four rings.

We seek to minimise the use of voicemail. Where it is necessary to divert calls to voicemail, the name and number of an alternative contact will be provided as part of the message. Voicemail messages will be acknowledged by phone or email within one working day of the officer's return.

General correspondence: We will aim to reply to correspondence, including email correspondence, within 20 working days of receiving it. If we are unable to give you an answer in full within that time, you will receive an acknowledgement and notice of when you can expect a full reply. A contact name and telephone number will be provided in all correspondence.

Emails: We will treat emails as general correspondence. We seek to have all emails to OEH accessed within 24 hours. As with other general correspondence, if we are unable give you an answer in full within 20 working days of receipt of your request, you will receive an acknowledgement and notice of when you can expect a full reply. A contact name and telephone number will be provided in all correspondence, including emails.
Booking accommodation at parks and reserves: Information is available on our website on the types of accommodation, including camping facilities, along with contact details for area offices. We will respond to requests within five working days.

Discovery tour bookings: Details are available on our website of national parks guided tours in various areas . We will reply to your booking request within two working days.

General bookings for parks and reserves for trips, special events and school holiday activities: Bookings for activities in parks and reserves are usually made at the time of the request; otherwise, we will respond to requests within five working days.

Botanic Gardens bookings: Botanic Gardens indoor events and marquee bookings require three working days; lawn weddings and picnics may require up to two weeks and special public events require a minimum of three weeks to approve, depending on the time of year.

Wheelchair friendly parks and reserves: Information is available on our website about wheelchair-accessible features and facilities in many parks and reserves.

Information Centres are open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm for information and advice, including advice on the range of national park annual passes available for purchase, and arrangements for pass exemptions.

Obtaining information: We will provide publicly available information promptly when we receive a request. If there is likely to be a delay, we will advise you of the reason for the delay and when we will be able to provide the information.

If the information you need is not publicly available, you can apply for it under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. If you would like to access information or documents concerning your personal affairs, you can apply for them under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Feedback on our service

We welcome and value your comments about the programs and services that we provide. Your feedback will help us improve our service delivery, address your concerns, resolve any problems, and develop our programs and services.

Please let us know in person, by telephone or in writing if:

  • we are giving you positive or outstanding service
  • you have any ideas on how we can improve our programs and service delivery
  • you are dissatisfied with the service you have received.

Making complaints: In all instances, we are committed to resolving your problem quickly. It will help achieve this if, when you wish to make a complaint, you discuss the problem initially with the person who provided the service or, if they are unavailable, the manager of that area.

How to contact us

Environment line
Phone: 131 555 (environmental information, publications and pollution incident reporting)
Phone: 1300 361 967 (national park-related information and publications)

Head office
59 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW
Postal address: PO Box A290
Sydney South NSW 1232
Telephone: (02) 9995 5000
Fax: (02) 9995 5911
Email: info@environment.nsw.gov.au
Website: www.environment.nsw.gov.au

A full list of our regional and metropolitan offices is available on our website.

Page last updated: 14 July 2014